Tuesday, October 19, 2010


A little about me, since us geek girls always have to establish our "geek cred" to be taken seriously. I'm a female gamer and occasional game artist and game designer. I have a terminal addiction to board games, have gone through several cycles of MMO addiction (Dark Age of Camelot: twice, WoW: twice). I play both PC and console games - mainly RPGs of all stripes, but I do enjoy puzzle games like Katamari as well. I also LARP and play tabletop roleplaying games - both trad and indie.

There. With that out of the way....

So I blame all of this on Simon Rogers. I mean, sure, I've been bitching half-heartedly about sexism in gaming for years. But I'd also been intentionally looking the other way much of the time. (I love gaming, I really do. But a lot of the time it pisses me off.) At this past GenCon, Simon asked if I'd be willing to do an article on sexism in gaming for his webzine See Page XX. As a result, I wound up doing tons of research and along the way acquired a monstrous folder full of awful gaming art. I also wound up with the outline of a book on sexism in gaming that I'm trying not to write.

Anyhow, I'll link to a recent post on my other blog, since it seems relevant: Sexism in Gaming: A List of Links.

So why start this blog, if I'm determined not to write a book? Mainly what I'd like to do is share images from my collection of terrible game art for the purposes of mocking, though I'm sure that occasionally I will write posts about other aspects of sexism. We'll see where this thing goes. All I know is that I have a hell of a lot to say and an endless wellspring of material to criticize.